Vishudh Kaya

How Can I Improve My Child’s Eating Habits?

You may support your children in maintaining a healthy weight and normal growth by creating appropriate eating patterns for them and teaching them its benefits. Your kid's health care professional can assess your child's weight, height, and BMI, explain it to you, and inform you if your child needs to lose weight, gain weight, or adjust their diet.
Parents can also use the following strategies to help their kids from healthy eating habits:

1. Eat Meals With Your Kids

Children learn by example, so if you eat junk food while watching TV, regrettably, they will soon pick
up your bad habits.

2. Make a Nutritious Lunchbox

3. Engage Your Kids in Grocery Shopping & Meal Preparation
With the help of these activities, you’ll be able to learn more about your kids’ eating habits, give
them a chance to learn about nutrition and give them a sense of good & bad foods available.

4. Avoid Rewarding or Punishing Your Kids With Food

5. Drink More Water
Give your child water with meals and urge them to carry a water bottle with them whenever they go